<font color="#c82c32"><strong>Client Testimonials</font></strong>

Client Testimonials

"They're very good about not only attending to our needs, but also coming up with future solutions that we might not have thought about."

 Mike Wiruth, Master Electrician — Bryan Health

Mike Wiruth, Master Electrician
Bryan Health  

"I couldn't be happier with Electronic Contracting. They've done a wonderful job. They've answered my questions, and they're there when I need them."

Bill Brueggemann, Cass County Sheriff — Cass County Law Enforcement Center

Bill Brueggemann, Cass County Sheriff
Cass County Law Enforcement Center

"Having guys that are very quick to answer questions, very quick to respond if something needs to get done, helps us be sure that we're running every single Sunday."

Travis Williams, Technical Director — Christ Community Church

Travis Williams, Technical Director
Christ Community Church

"They have been a good partner. They actually stand behind what they sell. And when things don't go right, they make it right. That's all we can ask, is, that we have a partner there to help us out and make sure things go right."

Kevin Cagg, Network/Communications Manager — Mosaic Life Care at St. Joseph

Kevin Cagg, Biomed/Help Desk Director
Mosaic Life Care at St. Joseph

"I just really appreciate all the solutions that we came up with together. I feel like it was a joint effort. The expertise that was brought to the table, and then making that match our needs and our wants, was just a great collaboration. So, really appreciate all of that, from everyone at ECC."

Lori Cerveny, Operations Coordinator — Olsson Associates

Lori Cerveny, Operations Coordinator
Olsson Associates

"They were very innovative with some of the things that they did, and helped address problems or concerns that we didn't even know we might foresee."

Jude Werner, Director of Development — Newman Center | St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church at UNL

Jude Werner, Director of Development
Newman Center| St. Thomas Aquinas Catholic Church at UNL