<strong>Our History</strong>

Our History

When our founding president, Adam Karavas, graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln in 1958, an idea was hatched. Working as a night dispatcher for TV Service Company, Adam collaborated with one of the company’s owners, Ted Andros, in the backroom one August night in 1958. Together, they saw where multiple dwelling facilities needed MATV systems. From this vision, our company's roots spawned into reality.

Our early technological visions were originally branded under the name Electronic Equipment Supply Company. With a start in MATV systems, we joined the market of installing UHF translator towers in areas where standard TV signals were unavailable. The result brought television entertainment to rural Nebraska, Colorado, and Wyoming for the first time.

While preserving a firm footing in MATV systems and UHF towers, we expanded our services to school intercom and clock systems. From there, our educational systems proceeded to evolve into auditorium systems and many other systems.

Our company continued to grow throughout the '60s and '70s. We entered the lodging industry providing panels that housed fire alarm, six channels of sound, volume control, an electric alarm clock, message lights, maid call, a voice evacuation system, and heating/cooling controls all at that one location. We installed one of these panels in every guest room. At the front desk we had a message switch that with one touch would blast 2 watts of power into every motel room in the case of an emergency. We were installing mass notification systems before anybody even knew such a thing existed. Our lodging projects ran from Westwood, California to Elmira, New York to New Orleans to Minneapolis.

Our services extended further with our entry into the business of electronic ordering systems for drive-in restaurants. Our installations stayed primarily east of the Rockies ranging from New Orleans to Minneapolis to Elmira, New York. 

Following electronic ordering systems, we set foot into the healthcare market. We provided nurse call, life safety, CCTV, and many other specialized systems required by health facilities.

In the early 1970s, our solutions spread into security, sound masking, wireless systems, and many other related products. We installed the first CCTV cameras in the city of Lincoln for a bank once VCRs became widely available and revolutionized the surveillance industry.

Our skillset intensified with the addition of professional sound. The first big sound projects we had were for the Kansas City Chiefs' Arrowhead Stadium and the Kansas City Royals’ Royals Stadium (now Kauffman Stadium) in Kansas City, Missouri. This led to providing sound systems for religious facilities, opera houses, auditoriums, and other sports venues.

The name Electronic Contracting Company was finally born into existence in 1978. After over 60 years of business, we've refined our solutions into four main categories: Audio/visual, fire alarm, nurse call, and security. Each category entails a wide variety of systems we can provide for six different markets: Churches, corporate, correctional, education, healthcare, and industrial. If anything is to be learned from the technology industry, it's that it's constantly evolving, and we evolve with it.