<strong>Adam Karavas, Electronic Contracting: The People’s Integrator</strong>

Adam Karavas, Electronic Contracting: The People’s Integrator

January 6, 2012
Adam Karavas, Electronic Contracting: The People’s Integrator
Adam Karavas, Electronic Contracting: The People’s Integrator

This article originally appeared in Systems Contractor News.

By Lindsey Adler

“I’m the only president this company has ever had,” Adam Karavas said proudly.

It’s an especially noteworthy achievement considering he first started what eventually became Electronic Contracting after he graduated college in 1958—until 1978, the company was a division of High Gain Electronics, which doesn’t exist anymore.

Electronic Contracting’s early work included installing master antenna systems in apartments, which led to government work, then school intercoms, car call systems used for ordering at drive-thru restaurant windows, fire alarms, and voice evacuation systems before anyone knew what they were, he said. The company continued to morph into other activities, and today Electronic Contracting does everything low voltage except for data and telephone services.

Karavas was a member of NSCA “since the day it started,” however he’s never served on the board. He’s also been a longtime member of InfoComm. He said he’s never had much time to serve on industry boards since his business keeps him so busy, but his commitment to the associations is widely recognized. “Adam was one of the first people I truly admired in this industry when I was getting started,” said Chuck Wilson, executive director, NSCA. “He’s a mentor, a friend, and has one of the finest business minds in this industry.”

Karavas’ goal, he said, has been to increase the company’s profitability—not necessarily to be the biggest company. “My vision is to continue growing the company, and we’ve been very successful at it.”

One of the keys to Karavas’ success has been the heavy emphasis he places on personal relationships with his clients and in developing them. He said he’s very proud of “the fact that we’ve never advertised in 54 years of business because we do such an outstanding job for our clients and customers that it’s all word of mouth. We rarely lose an account. We just take care of them 24/7.”

Chris Foreman, VP /COO of Community Professional Loudspeakers, worked with Karavas as Electronic Contracting’s VP of marketing for about seven years. “One of the things he taught me is that the whole business is focused on relationships,” Foreman said.

But above all, Foreman said, “his biggest contributions have been showing everybody what it takes to be successful.”

To Karavas, his biggest accomplishment is his 54-year marriage. He’s also incredibly proud of his two sons and two grandchildren, the oldest of which, also named Adam, was recently accepted at Oxford. He enjoys watching them play hockey, and he’s been an avid tennis player for almost 60 years.