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Complete Care is a comprehensive support program designed specifically to maximize and support each technology system, allowing you to focus on your overall business goals:

ECC Complete Care Support Program

The Complete Care Advantage

    Checkmark  Maximize your technology

    Checkmark  Manage your budgets

    Checkmark  Receive unlimited support

    Checkmark  Continuously train your team

    Checkmark  Utilize technology to reach your goals

Complete Care + Options

      Licensing Subscription Plans:  Keep your technology up to date with new releases, security equipment, and additional levels of technical assistance.

      Remote Device Monitoring:  Ensure your technology devices are operational with 24/7 monitoring services.

      Enhanced Response Time:  Meet the emergency requirements and needs of your organization with enhanced response times.

      Spare Equipment Management:  Make sure spare equipment is available for those technologies that are critical to your system and business.

      24/7 Support:  Receive guaranteed response time and technical support for your organization 24/7/365.

      Event Support:  Schedule onsite remote and technical support for any events that you may be hosting.

Fire Alarm Services

  Fire Alarm Testing & Inspection Services have their own special offerings. Call 800-366-5320 for details.

ECC Complete Care Support Program Overview

Complete Care Subscription Service

Electronic Contracting’s subscription service allows your organization to select the financial and support options that work best to bring you the latest technology now and in the future. Our support staff will help you streamline your budget into consistent monthly payments, while managing the service needed to support your technology systems.

  Manage technology to work for your organization

    Checkmark   Maximize the life cycle of your technology systems

    Checkmark   Keep systems current with the latest updates, software maintenance, and licensing changes

    Checkmark   Ensure support coverage that meets the individual needs of your organization

    Checkmark   Manage your budgets for technology systems and service now and in the future

    Checkmark   Train and reorient your staff to efficiently utilize your systems

    Checkmark   Create a technology road map for your organization

    Checkmark   Monitoring available to support your systems 24 hours a day

    Checkmark   Certify and test your systems to achieve optimal performance

    Checkmark   Maximize your staff’s time and tasks

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