<strong>Derby North Middle School</strong>

Derby North Middle School

Derby North Middle School is a $32.5 million, 65-classroom middle school equipped to handle 750 Derby students. The new middle school, finished in 2015, was built to mirror the newly remodeled Derby Middle School, which was also funded by the same $66.6 million bond passed in April 2012.

It features two gymnasiums, an open cafeteria that doubles as an auditorium and media center with floor to ceiling windows. Music and orchestra space double as FEMA storm shelters. There’s also a wrestling room, weight room, and locker rooms. 

Each classroom hallway is designated by grade, with the intention of keeping grades separate from each other. Courtyards separate those hallways, and feature solar panels purchased with grants from Westar Energy. Hallways and classrooms offer ample natural light to make the building energy-efficient.

Systems Installed

 Sound Reinforcement
       Wired & Wireless Microphones
      ▪  Assistive Listening System
       Digital Signal Processors
       Audio Mixing Console
       Power Amplifiers
Video Projection
 Fire Alarm


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