<strong>Responsive Service That’s a Phone Call Away</strong>

Responsive Service That’s a Phone Call Away

November 20, 2017
Electronic Contracting Company Service Department

By Kyle Robinson

Electronic Contracting Company provides a wide array of electronic systems to clients in all sorts of organizations including business, government, religious, medical, schools, and many other facilities. ECCO works closely with these facilities to tailor these electronic systems to their exact needs, allowing them to concentrate on their organization’s goals.

As with any piece of technology, there will come a time when these systems will require service work. Whether this be general inspections to ensure system functionality of a Fire Alarm System, an emergency request to restore function of a Nurse Call System, or help with a microphone that isn’t working shortly before a Sound Reinforcement System needs to be used for a performance or meeting, ECCO’s Service Department can be counted on to make sure that it continues to perform for them for years to come.

The systems that Electronic Contracting installs help each customer stay safe, secure, and connected. Whether that be a Fire Alarm System to protect the lives inside a building, a Video Surveillance or Access Control System to maintain the security of a facility, or a Nurse Call System to enable healthcare professionals to perform their work at the highest level possible, each system’s users need to know that when issues arise, ECCO will be there to make sure that they’re resolved.

With the help of our dedicated team of technicians and 24-hour on-call program, our customers can always be assured that Electronic Contracting is just a phone call away. Whether it's a quick phone call to help silence a Fire Alarm trouble, or a trip onsite in the middle of the night to fix an emergency issue, ECCO’s team of emergency technicians are always available to make sure that the systems facilities rely on the most will stay in operation.

Electronic Contracting Company is also pleased to provide all-inclusive Service Contracts for our systems. A Service Contract gives the customer the knowledge that all necessary maintenance, updates, and testing are accounted for and priced as one package, so there’s never a surprise. Our agreements include periodic system checkups, annual testing, both standard and emergency service options, and they give the customer the peace of mind that all the system’s needs will be taken care of.

As a Service Department, it’s our goal at the end of the day to make the customer’s experience with our systems as hassle-free as possible, and when problems do arise, to handle them in a way that minimizes downtime and gets things back to normal quickly. Call our nearest office today to get your electronic systems back in operation, so your organization can continue focusing on their mission.