Shooter Detection


The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System

The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System utilizes the world's finest acoustic gunshot identification software and pairs it with infrared gunfire flash detection to create the world's highest performing, fully automatic, and most accurate gunshot detection technology available today. The system's dual approach provides the highest rate of detection with zero false alerts.

When the Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System is integrated with Security Systems, surveillance cameras in the incident area are called up, lock-down procedures are initiated, mass notification alerts to desktops and mobile devices are automated, and first responders are instantly notified.

       Featured in CNN Money, Fox News Tech, National Geographic, Reuters, and the TODAY Show

       Developed in conjunction with the Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA)

       Easily integrated into any network using standard Power-over-Ethernet (PoE)

       Fastest gunshot reporting product available - under one second

       Floor plan map of facility with instant shot location information

       Integrated with leading-edge security and notification systems

       Dual factor authentication - zero false alerts

       Features simulation and training modes

Instant Alerts and Notifications

The Guardian Indoor Active Shooter Detection System detects gunfire and simultaneously relays this information via a floor plan map with the shot location, text, email, digital signage, and other notification methods to key personnel and building occupants, without any human interpretation.

Awards and Accolades

SDS Awards

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