Acute Care Engagement Solution

Acute Care Engagement Solution

ECC has partnered with Vizabli to help our healthcare clients achieve better care, outcomes, and visibility with their Acute Care Engagement Solution (ACES). ACES is a comprehensive healthcare communications and engagement system that connects patients, care givers, patients' friends & family, and facility visitors in a single integrated technology solution

The Acute Care Engagement Solution combines traditional "patient engagement" services with staff engagement and public engagement solutions and delivers real-time data to everyone involved in the patient journey, including hospital staff, patients, and patients' friends and family members.

ACES is able to integrate with the EMR, nurse call, smart beds, and other clinical systems ensure that the care team has up-to-date information, precautions, and clinical data when and where it's needed. With this powerful integration, nurses are able to spend less time searching for and updating information, and spend more time caring for patients, improving patient outcomes and employee satisfaction.

The ACES solution can increase revenue and reduce costs by improving HCAHPS scores, increasing throughput, and creating an advertisable service that draws more people to your healthcare facility for elective and emergency care. ACES allows your facility to reduce costly mistakes by improving patient and staff safety.

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