Assistive Listening

Assistive Listening

Assistive listening systems available through Electronic Contracting Company can provide hearing impaired audience members the ability to hear live program content without disturbing those around them. Excellent applications can be found in church sanctuaries, lecture halls, and other public meeting places.

Oftentimes, hearing aids or implants aren't powerful enough to assist in situations such as listening in groups, hearing in noisy backgrounds, hearing a speaker who is more than a few feet away, and hearing in poor acoustical environments. Assistive listening systems expand the functionality of hearing aids and cochlear implants by helping you separate the sounds you want to hear from background noise. The speaker talks into a microphone and the speech is sent straight to your ear, which avoids the degrading effects of noise and distance on speech intelligibility. 

An assistive listening device consists of a microphone to collect sound, a transmitter to send the signal across a distance, a receiver to intercept the signal, and any one of several different listening attachments to send the sound from the receiver to the user's ear, hearing aid, or cochlear implant. 

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