Gun Detection

Gun Detection

Electronic Contracting has partnered with ZeroEyes to protect our clients with their AI Gun Detection Technology. ZeroEyes is an intelligent video analytics platform that detects weapons in real-time using existing security cameras.

When a threat moves throughout a facility, the ZeroEyes Platform will detect their weapon in real-time on each camera anytime it's within view. Every time a weapon is detected, cameras pick up their location and provide real-time location tracking, and an alert is generated through the ZeroEyes Monitoring Platform & Mobile App to immediately notify first responders and school authorities with an image of the shooter and the shooter’s location.

Security cameras equipped with ZeroEyes can immediately identify and confirm how many shooters and guns are present. As soon as the ZeroEyes System identifies an active shooter threat, cameras pick up their location and provide real-time location tracking, suspect descriptions, and a security camera image is sent via a text message alert to first responders and proper authorities. With this critical threat intelligence, first responders can reach the exact location of the shooter and potential victims faster. When tested in real-life, the Zero Eyes AI Gun Detection Technology was able to identify a shooter who had dropped his weapon, changed clothes, and hid among the population.

ZeroEyes is led by former Navy Seals, teamed with consultants and technologists dedicated to protecting our country. Together, they continually improve their gun detection algorithm paired with archived analytics to make the detection of weapons as effective as possible.

The ZeroEyes Software has an industry-leading low false-positive rate, because there's no room for mistakes. No one can afford to wait when seconds matter and this technology can stop threats at first sight, not first shot.

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