Quantum is a family of advanced monitoring solutions including wireless nurse call, wander management, access control, and mobile alert management. Each solution is available individually or together in a single platform. Manage Resident Safety, building access for both Resident and families, provide emergency notification, protect staff members, and access reports all in a single platform.

The Quantum Wireless Nurse Call system is designed to provide a comprehensive, scalable nurse call solution that meets both budget and community size requirements. Featuring a fully configurable, event driven alerting engine, Quantum offers multiple methods for notifying staff quickly and efficiently, including paging, phones, email, and text message.

The Quantum Door Control System is designed to provide complete door control, including Access Control and Wander Management, in a single platform. Utilizing an IP network, the Door Control System allows for management of door functionality from any local web browser, and door-level database redundancy ensures operation and event history logging in the event of a network outage.

Quantum Mobile is a comprehensive mobile alerting and monitoring solution that was designed as a modern, full-featured alternative to pagers. By allowing staff to claim alarms, Quantum Mobile helps reduce response times and improve efficiency. Should a claim alarm go unanswered for a specified time, Quantum can automatically remove the claim on the alarm and notify all other staff that further attention is needed.

The Quantum Insight Report Module leverages the extensive data collected by the Quantum system to bring unprecedented visibility to patterns and trends in your facility. It provides a snapshot of daily, weekly, and monthly operations. Identify opportunities for increased efficiency, peak demand times and areas, and response time trends.

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Electronic Contracting Company's healthcare solutions are designed to streamline communication between patient and clinician, improve quality of care, enhance patient satisfaction, and boost caregiver productivity. Our systems include a network of staff and patient room devices that scale and configure to meet each department's specific needs. We continuously send our engineers, installers, and service technicians to product training classes offered by leading manufacturers to ensure that our clients get the best design, installation, service, integration, and technical support available for their nurse call systems. We offer various solutions such as Asset Tracking, Infant Security, Mobility, Quantum Care Response Monitoring, Nurse Call, Real-Time Location System (RTLS), and Wan...

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