Video Analytics

Video Analytics

Electronic Contracting Company offers end-to-end intelligent video analytics solutions for real-time video analytics, forensic search, and business intelligence applications. Video analytics can add value to your video surveillance systems by providing software that can be programmed to search for the presence or absence of items in a camera video frame. Video analytics can alert security about a neglected package in a passenger terminal, alert you to motion within a camera frame, and allow you to search through recorded video images based on criteria you specify.

With video analytics, you can specify the direction, color, and size of the object that will trigger a system notification event. There's a wide and flexible range of analytics rules and behaviors which distinguish between people, vehicles, and static objects. You can apply an unlimited number of video analytics rules to each camera in conjunction with the video recording, and receive event notifications in real-time.

Specific video segments, events, and data from your camera feeds can be automatically, and effectively, retrieved and presented. Have the ability to search through days of stored video in a matter of seconds to generate instant and accurate results. Search for specified behaviors of different targets such as loitering, suspicious packages, vehicles in no parking zones and physical characteristics to pinpoint an exact target. 

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