<strong>Why You Should Buy Your Electronic Systems from an Experienced Integrator</strong>

Why You Should Buy Your Electronic Systems from an Experienced Integrator

June 19, 2017
Certifications | Electronic Contracting Company

By Darwin Brandt

Let’s say you’re in the market for a fire alarm system. You want it to perform its necessary functions of course, but you don’t want it to break the budget. So, you pay your engineer to put together your unique specifications, and send them out to interested contractors, waiting for their bids to come in. You may think you’re going to receive fire alarm systems of similar qualities from different companies, but that’s usually not the case.

Company A, who hasn’t been in the business a long time, looks at the plans and specs and designs a system based solely on what they see in the documents, and doesn’t go beyond that. Company A sends out their quote and crosses their fingers.

Company B, who has far more experience and NICET (National Institute for Certification in Engineering Technologies) certified people on staff, looks at the same specification document, but through a completely different lens. Company B’s expertise allows them to see things that aren’t shown in the plans: fire alarm code issues that will be a problem if not addressed, unneeded devices that can be removed from the system, better ways to accomplish what is shown on the plans, and the best type of system for the job. If the job is going to require some custom work, such as a smoke control panel, an experienced integrator will be able to utilize past designs and use the best parts from those systems to incorporate into your new system.

How about if you’re in the market for a sound system? An experienced integrator will be able to give you a system that not only meets your specifications, but one that has excellent end-user satisfaction and reliability that only expertise can bring. How is that done? It starts with knowing which manufacturer to use for a given purpose, knowing what cable to use to make the system work right, and even the correct connectors that won’t give you any issues.

Looking for a school intercom system? Here’s how an experienced integrator can make a big difference. Intercom systems seem simple enough, but if the integrator doesn’t pay attention to the details when designing and installing, you’ll end up wishing you had stayed with the old cans and strings you had! With intercom systems now utilizing Cat 5 cable and more complex equipment, the experienced integrator will stay within the limitations of the cable and route the cable in a manner that avoids interference from other systems.

What about a nurse call system? These systems have undergone numerous innovations, more so than any other. Gone are the days of a simple pull cord and light. Modern systems can allow your staff to be more efficient and provide you with reporting data to show how your facility is operating. These systems utilize Cat 5 cable and have the same need for experience due to the complex nature of the stations and the main equipment. Most modern nurse call systems also have a computer attached, which has its own unique requirements, and you’ll want someone with experience here if an issue arises.

Experience matters, and it should be a priority when choosing an integrator for your next electronic system. Electronic Contracting Company has been in business for nearly 60 years and has become one of the leading systems integration firms in the Midwest providing audio/visual, fire alarm, nurse call, and security systems for churches, corporate, correctional, education, healthcare, and industrial facilities. Our team is filled with dozens of individuals who have been with our company for a decade, and some have been with us for over twenty years. Our expertise in the systems that facilities need the most allows us to serve as your organization’s one source for all your technological needs. Contact our nearest office today to see how we can help bring an electronic system to your facility!