<strong>What We Do</strong>

What We Do

Electronic Contracting Company is a growing Systems Integrator that has served the Midwest for over 60 years. Our company provides design, installation, service, and comprehensive system integration for Audio/Visual, Fire Alarm, Nurse Call, and Security Systems to support your organization.


Electronic Contracting Company | Audio/Visual, Fire Alarm, Nurse Call, & Security System Design

Electronic Contracting Company offers turnkey technology solutions that are tailored to your facility's exact needs. We don't believe in "out-of-the-box" or "one-size-fits-all" solutions where what you see is what you get. We value our client relationships and strive to provide simple and cost-effective solutions that give your facility the maximum benefits. We dedicate our time to work with you every step of the way, so together we can bring all of your needs to light and provide a solution that is exactly what you're looking for.

Our design team consists of three areas: Sales Support Engineers, Project Engineers, and Field Engineers. Our Sales Support Engineers work with our sales team to help design your solution. They determine based on your needs what products and technologies are to be used and from there they create a bill of materials.

Once we engage in a partnership, the Project Engineers utilize CAD to create shop drawings consisting of floor plans and one-line diagrams. They detail how the system is going to function, and with those details they finalize the bill of materials.

Our Field Engineers take the designs and make them a reality. They bring the systems to life by programming each one in accordance with your expectations.

Every area of our engineering team is filled with individuals who hold countless years of experience and multiple industry certifications. They're continuously trained under the industry's most respected sources in order to utilize the latest technologies and procedures. We believe that an investment in our staff is an investment in our projects. Our goal is to bring quality solutions to every client we partner with, and we hope our level of dedication helps us achieve this goal.


Electronic Contracting Company | Audio/Visual, Fire Alarm, Nurse Call, & Security System Installation

Electronic Contracting Company's installation department consists of experienced and professional technicians. They possess the industry's most respected certifications and are backed by advanced support technicians and engineers.

Our installation technicians believe in nothing less than a neat and clean installation. Installations are the signature mark our company leaves on a facility, so we strive to make every mark we leave a memorable and everlasting one.

Our installation department is equipped with the latest tools the industry offers. With these tools in our hands, our installations are completed and tested with the highest quality available. 

A partnership with Electronic Contracting is more than just a handshake. We don't install our systems and call it a day. Our installation department spends time after an install training the end-users on how to use the system. We give our clients a full understanding of how to operate our systems so they can get the most value out of our partnership. We aim to build relationships based on trust and reliability and make every effort to handle projects with the upmost care and efficiency. 


Electronic Contracting Company | Audio/Visual, Fire Alarm, Nurse Call, & Security System Service

Electronic Contracting Company’s service department is staffed by experienced and highly qualified electronics technicians that take pride in resolving our clients’ service needs in a thorough and efficient manner.

Through our dedicated on-call service technicians, service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. After hours calls are routed to the on-call technician during the initial call. This ensures the fastest response time possible, especially for critical life safety system requirements.

Electronic Contracting’s service department offers CompleteCare service agreements, fire alarm system inspections, and Central Station Monitoring for security and fire alarm systems is also available; using the latest technologies, including IP and cellular communication.

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For additional information, please contact the Service Manager at any of our five offices below.

►   Lincoln, Nebraska

             Nick Flury

                  Phone:   (402) 465-6932
                  Email:   nflury [at] eccoinc [dot] com

►   Omaha, Nebraska

             Rudy Magee

                  Phone:   (402) 818-1484
                  Email:   rmagee [at] eccoinc [dot] com

►   Kansas City, Missouri

             Kyle Robinson

                 Phone:   (816) 841-8007
                 Email:   krobinson [at] eccoinc [dot] com

►   Springfield, Missouri

             Joe Willcockson

                 Phone:   (417) 413-5630
                 Email:   jwillcockson [at] eccoinc [dot] com

►   Wichita, Kansas

             Doug Clawson

                 Phone:   (316) 927-6294
                 Email:    dclawson [at] eccoinc [dot] com

Systems Integration

Systems Integration
Systems Integration | Electronic Contracting Company
Systems Integration


Electronic Contracting Company is unique in its ability to integrate multiple systems together to provide the most effective solution for our clients. Our comprehensive integration services make managing your facility's systems easy. The ability to have multiple systems communicate with each other enhances security measures, safety measures, and facility operations.

Access control, intrusion alarms, and video surveillance systems are the three main systems that comprise any organization's overall security system. With our systems integration services, we can integrate all three of these systems together so they work in tandem to give your organization maximum security benefits. Access control and video surveillance integration gives you the ability to associate video with every access-granted or access-denied use of credentials. Integrating intrusion alarm with access control and video surveillance allows you to automatically lock down areas and recall camera presets based on the intrusion point.

Integrating smart paging systems with fire alarm or security systems allows your facility to distribute automated, prerecorded messages that provide emergency exit instructions to building occupants during preset emergency events. Integrating digital signage with these systems adds a visual element to emergency message distribution. We can also integrate smart paging systems with machinery so maintenance can receive automated pages about system failures and their location. For healthcare facilities, nurse call systems can also be integrated with smart paging systems to announce emergencies such as Code Blue and the associated patient room number.

Electronic Contracting Company's systems integration services can provide your organization with a wide variety of extra benefits. We'll work together with you to provide a customized solution to meet your organization's exact needs.

Contact us to learn more about our systems integration services.

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