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See what our clients say about partnering with ECC

Everybody’s on a budget these days, and ECC has basically done everything they can to meet my needs, and they’ve done that on my budget. They’re a dependable company. They’re a reputable company. They’ve been around, and anytime I have a problem, they’re always there for me to help me fix that problem. I get very quick service. They’re very responsive, and its just been a great partnership with them in the years that I’ve been here at this facility.

Rodney Herring, Grundy County Sheriff — Grundy County Law Enforcement Center

They were very innovative with some of the things that they did, and they helped address problems or concerns that we didn't even know we might foresee.

Jude Werner, Director of Development — Newman Center – St. Thomas Aquinas Church

I just really appreciate all the solutions that we came up with together. I feel like it was a joint effort. The expertise that was brought to the table, and then making that match our needs and our wants, was just a great collaboration. So, I really appreciate all of that, from everyone at ECC.

Lori Cerveny, Operations Coordinator — Olsson

Earlier this week, we were getting our stadium ready for Spring Sports, and while I was in the press box I was reminded of the project where we replaced the sound system at the stadium. ECC was engaged to do the work, and your team worked closely with the Sound Design engineers. The ECC staff was extremely well versed in the design parameters associated with the new system, and the install went very well.  When minor changes were added to the project, ECC stepped up and got these added items quickly. Your team worked well with our district staff to ensure we were properly trained. You also had members of your project team on standby at the stadium during our first several games with the new system to ensure all went well. The project was a big success, and the patrons, staff, and students are very pleased with the quality of the system.

John T. Brennan, Project Manager — Millard Public Schools

In 2015, we had a new sprinkler system and alarm system installed in our 95-year-old church. The work ECC did on this project was outstanding. In addition to top tier work, their customer service is also outstanding. I say this because since the install, we have had a couple of minor issues with the system, which when we contacted ECC, they promptly addressed and corrected them. I would recommend ECC to anyone who is considering using their services.

Dale F. Kruse, Co-Chair, Board of Trustees — Centenary United Methodist Church

ECC has been excellent to work with from their Sales Staff, Project Managers, and Installers. They provide excellent customer service and quick turnarounds. The installation of our newest Nurse Call System during the height of COVID was completed with all the contractors following safety practices and meeting and exceeding my expectations. ECC always puts the residents and customers first. I highly recommend ECC.

Joe Hakenkamp, Corporate Facility Services Administrator — Tabitha Health

We are so happy with the work that ECC did in our sanctuary. It was the perfect setup for us to live stream our services. The service is amazing. The guys who came out to our location were so great to work with. I highly recommend ECC to anyone who is looking to have technology equipment installed. They are an excellent company and excellent people.

Helen Paus, Pastor — New Hope United Methodist Church

My three experiences with ECC staff (plus telephone communications) have all been very professional and prompt.

Lincoln Commercial Club —

Electronic Contracting was our first choice in assisting our facility with an upgraded sound system. ECC took time to detail the specific equipment that would best perform with the architectural design of our church. The finished result is that our parishioners love our renovated system because it delivers music and the spoken word with much greater clarity.

Allison Stewart, Director of Music Ministries — Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church

Our football field sound system was in desperate need of upgrading. The system was attached to our press box and the sound would barely carry over the field to were our fans were located. After the upgrade, we can now play music that isn't distorted and hear from about any location on our field.

Jeff Koehler, Superintendent — Johnson-Brock Public School

Rudy was great to work with. They are very professional. Great before and after service.

Scott Warrick, Facilities Director — Clarinda Regional Health Center

We have enjoyed our relationship with ECC and have found them to recommend and install quality products. They have also provided any necessary service after the sale.

Doug Wyatt, Administrator — Nebraska Orthopaedic Center

The thing that impressed me the most was the amount of folks they brought onsite to get it done in a very timely manner. They came in and hit the ground running, they had enough folks and got it done. It was a very efficient process. [The new system] it's overall more reliable and [gives us] more confidence in our locking system. The improved camera system is a great improvement. The new recording and camera system is paying dividends already. ECC they came in and did a very efficient job of getting the [system] transfer over, especially with as old of a system as we already had.

Stephen Korte, Pike County Sheriff — Pike County Detention Center

We were able to get it [IMPERIUM] installed, and it has been absolutely the best thing we've ever done. It's great equipment. It's worked great for me. Anytime I have any issue I've always been able to call, contact somebody, get somebody down here, and haven't really had any issues. That's been the key point right there, is not having to have a whole lot of issues. It's very functional for my staff, very easy to use. I just don't have any issues with it. Never have.

Sherry Davidson, Jail Administrator — Izard County Detention Center