Technology Service & Support


Supporting your technology to keep you up and running

ECC’s Service & Support Team is fully trained and experienced to support the technologies your organization uses every day. Through our dedicated on-call service technicians, service is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. ECC can repair, service, and troubleshoot Audio/Visual/Lighting, Communication, Electronic Security, Fire Safety, and Healthcare Technology Systems and their components for commercial facilities. We provide Technology System Repair, Remote Support, Fire Alarm Inspections, and System Monitoring. Learn how you can maximize your technology with our Complete Care Support Program.

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System Repair

From everything A/V, to Access Control & Intercom, Nurse Call to Video Surveillance, our team is fully trained & experienced to repair the technology your organization uses everyday. If additional parts are needed, our team can get them ordered and implemented.

Remote Support

ECC offers Remote Support for service requests that don't require on-site personnel to fix the situation. If the situation is unable to be diagnosed and solved remotely, our team will come on-site to get your technology system back up and running.

Fire Alarm Inspections

Fire Alarm Inspections are required by law, and necessary, to ensure your Fire Alarm System is running optimally. Our Team can inspect your system per your local law, and assist you if any changes are needed to ensure your system is up to code standards.

System Monitoring

ECC offers Elevator Phone Monitoring, Fire Alarm Monitoring, and Security System Monitoring; using the latest technologies, including IP and cellular communication. We can also provide Remote IP Device Monitoring to ensure your technology devices are operational with 24/7 monitoring services.



ECC's Complete Services are designed to bring technology into your organization effectively and efficiently. Each program is comprehensively layered to streamline your technology experience, so you can reach your business goals. Design your technology vision with Complete Design, maximize your technology with Complete Care Support, and have technology managed for you with Complete Coverage. Get the right technology solution with ECC's Complete Process.

Complete Design

Complete Care

Complete Coverage