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Communicate. Optimize. Streamline patient care.

ECC's healthcare solutions are designed to streamline communication between patient and clinician, improve quality of care, enhance patient satisfaction, and boost caregiver productivity. Our systems include a network of staff and patient room devices that scale and configure to meet each department's specific needs. We continuously send our engineers, installers, and service technicians to product training classes offered by leading manufacturers to ensure that our clients get the best design, installation, service, integration, and technical support available for their healthcare technology systems.

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Acute Care Engagement

Enhance the patient and family experience by automatically sharing vital information about patient care and goals, medical management, and resources to stay in touch with those important to them with a single digital interface.

Care Response Reporting

Automatically capture real-time data on how long it takes to respond to a patient's call, and how long it takes to care for that patient. Generate reports to view the data over time. Identify care giving gaps to improve patient care satisfaction.

Environmental Monitoring

Environmental Monitoring makes mission-critical data available at the touch of a finger. Set custom threshold and alerting parameters to continuously monitor various facility conditions, and be notified by text message, phone call, or email for any out-of-range alerts.

Infant Security

A small, tamper-proof infant protection tag is placed on the infant immediately after birth to prevent infant abduction. Ensure that infants under your care are safe, and can continue receiving the care that they need to grow.


Middleware optimizes workflows by integrating data and events from source systems, allowing you to orchestrate alerts, chats, and tasks to enable users on various endpoint platforms (iOS, Android™, web).


Smart/IP-DECT/VoWiFi phones & pocket pagers allow your team to be mobile, but still be connected to patients and staff. Give needed care faster and assign staff tasks on the go. Optimize your healthcare workflow.

Nurse Call

Allow a patient to call or contact their nurse or nurse’s station easily. Caregivers now have relevant information at the point of care and throughout the care process. Integrate with Mobility to stay connected.


Handle Asset Tracking, Care Data Capture, EMR Integration, Hand Hygiene Compliance, High Acuity System Integration, Nurse Call Automation, Patient, Satisfaction, and Personnel Monitoring in real-time.

Wander Management

Secure or lock and alarm specific doors if a resident attempts to leave. Track the exact location of a wander prone patient or resident, and automatically
trigger alert or alarm notifications to staff.



ECC's Complete Services are designed to bring technology into your organization effectively and efficiently. Each program is comprehensively layered to streamline your technology experience, so you can reach your business goals. Design your technology vision with Complete Design, maximize your technology with Complete Care Support, and have technology managed for you with Complete Coverage. Get the right technology solution with ECC's Complete Process.

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ECC has completed over 15,000+ projects over the course of our firm's history after over 65 years in business. We've connected organizations throughout the Midwest to better technology experiences in corporate, correctional, education, healthcare, industrial, and house of worship facilities.