Fire Alarm Inspections Wichita, KS

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Electronic Contracting Company's Service Department in Wichita, Kansas can provide Fire Alarm Inspections to ensure your facility's Fire Alarm System is compliant with Local Fire Alarm Code and is operating at its optimal level.

Did You Know?

The National Fire Alarm Code requires your Fire Alarm System to be inspected by a licensed inspector every year.

Keep in compliance with National Fire Alarm Code with Electronic Contracting Company’s fire alarm inspection contracts, so your inspections will be completed and your building will always be up to code.

There’s no need to worry about your inspections. We’ll contact you in the weeks prior to the inspection and schedule a time that works best for you and your organization.

All required inspection forms will be completed and copies left on site ready to present to a Fire Marshal during their routine inspection visits.

A fire alarm system needs to be in legal compliance and operating properly in order to protect the safety of your building, staff, and customers. Electronic Contracting Company can perform these inspections and ensure that your company stays safe.

Fill out this form to receive a quote, or contact our Wichita Service and Support Manager directly using the information below:

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             Doug Clawson

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