IMPERIUM Correctional Control

ECC's IMPERIUM Correctional Control Solution Now Available Nationwide

Jul 12 2022

Lincoln, NE — Electronic Contracting (ECC), one of the top 50 systems integrators in the U.S., today announces the national launch of its IMPERIUM™ Intelligent Correctional Control solution. Security integrators can now partner with ECC and provide IMPERIUM to their correctional clients. IMPERIUM gives you intelligent correctional control, right at your fingertips. It’s custom designed to your facility’s exact needs and integrates directly into your workflow. You can control your entire correctional right from a touch screen.


Complete touch screen correctional control

The IMPERIUM graphical interface is custom designed and programmed to match your facility’s layout and operational workflow. It’s color coded with an easy to use layout. The touch screen display shows your correctional facility’s floor plan, and you can easily change between different floors. Function buttons and status indicators are populated on your floor plans that give the control and monitoring abilities that you need. IMPERIUM integrates with your security cameras and intercom system to display the associated camera when an intercom button is pressed on the touch screen. Emergency gang release, lockdown buttons, pod group releases, are all available options each built into a single button.

Control & automate your building’s utilities

IMPERIUM’s function buttons give you complete correctional control at the touch of a finger:

  • Locking & unlocking of doors
  • Lockdown ability
  • Intercom control
  • Paging control
  • Audio monitoring
  • Lighting control
  • Water control
  • Telephone control
  • Power outlet control

“With over 40 years in correctional control system experience, ECC has built IMPERIUM Correctional Control based upon our experience and feedback from our correctional customers,” said Matt Thorne, Executive Vice President at ECC. “IMPERIUM is tailored to the correctional facility and provides an easy to use, graphical interface that controls and manages many aspects of the facility. While delivering a cost-effective solution to meet demand, ECC also places a heavy emphasis on supporting our correctional customers throughout the system’s life cycle.”

Correctional security — simplified

The IMPERIUM Correctional Control System makes security easy:

  • Touch screens that show vital building activity
  • Retrofit without costly field device changes
  • Switch between compressed and detailed graphic screens
  • Display color coded text for each cell
  • Door status indicators show real-time door position activity
  • Door lock buttons control lock and unlock functions
  • One-button emergency gang release
  • Optional reporting to capture & measure operational activity

Intelligent correctional control

IMPERIUM is a powerful solution that transforms your correctional facility into a modern, technology connected hub. It gives you the ability to have complete control over your facility at the touch of a finger. Custom control console configurations are available from a single display, dual display, or multiple consoles; so you can control your correctional facility how you want. ECC is excited to offer IMPERIUM to correctional facilities across the United States to help keep them safe, secure, and connected. Want to learn more information or become a distributor? Contact us today.



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