Complete Design Technology Services


Designing Your Technology Vision

Creating an impactful technology experience starts with the system’s design. Complete Design matches the hands-on experience and insight of ECC’s Design Services Team, with the ideas and input from your key stakeholders to create technology solutions tailored to your organization. It's a comprehensive design program that incorporates the client's voice to create a truly open, cooperative design approach that delivers technology system designs to your organization now and in the future. Complete Design goes above and beyond a basic design bid, giving you 14 crucial benefits in an ECC Design Build.

Complete Design Technology Services


How It Works

The Complete Design program was created to bring in the right technologies for an organization while giving clients a voice about their technology solutions from the beginning of the design process. ECC will work with the client, and any related design professionals selected (architects, engineers, etc.), to provide initial and ongoing technology systems designed to support the client’s project goals. It’s a design process built to help:

  • Maximize your technology spending to get what you envision
  • Customize technology to your organization & building space
  • Minimize business interruptions & maximize your staff’s time
  • Deliver detailed technology documentation on your systems
  • Give insight into technology trends & how they affect your organization
  • Eliminate the guesswork when making technology decisions
  • Connect you to design experts with hands-on technology experience
  • Expand the life cycle of your technology systems
  • Plan and manage your budgets for technology systems and services
  • Create a technology road map for your organization
ECC Complete Design


Ensure your vision comes to fruition

The Complete Design program was built to foster a truly open and cooperative design team approach with the ECC team members bringing unique and valuable insight from their special perspectives to the team. It empowers organizations to give firsthand input throughout the design process to ensure your technology vision comes to fruition. Design your technology vision today with Complete Design.