Complete Design

ECC Complete Design Program

Electronic Contracting’s Complete Design is a comprehensive design program that incorporates the client’s voice to create a truly open, cooperative design approach that delivers technology system designs to your organization now and in the future. This program was created to bring in the right technologies for an organization, while giving clients a voice about their technology solutions from the beginning of the design process.

“Complete Design offers value by being a partner with our client. It gives them a voice from the beginning of the process, combined with our expertise, to design the right technologies for their organization,” said Steve Riley, Vice President of Regional Operations at Electronic Contracting. “With our ‘no change order unless you ask standard,’ we’re demonstrating this value daily by putting our money where our mouth is, which is unlike any other designer/integrator in our industry. Complete Design is a direct reflection of ECC’s strong commitment to our clients, as we remain keenly focused on their success.”

The Complete Design Advantage

    Checkmark  Maximize technology spend & life cycle

    Checkmark  Customize technology to your organization

    Checkmark  Improve integration time & quality

    Checkmark  Give input throughout the design process

    Checkmark  Build & adhere to technology budgets

    Checkmark  Work directly with hands-on experts

View the brochure>> ECC Complete Design Brochure

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