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ECC Announces Its New Complete Design Program

Jun 24 2021

Lincoln, NE — ECC, one of the top 50 systems integrators in the U.S., today announces its new Complete Design program. Complete Design is a comprehensive design program that incorporates the client’s voice to create a truly open, cooperative design approach that delivers technology system designs to your organization now and in the future.


Designing your technology vision

With 63 years in business, ECC has established a long history of connecting organizations to better experiences through technology. We’ve seen technology advance first-hand throughout the years and in those evolutions one thing has always remained true — Creating an impactful technology experience starts with the system’s design. Complete Design matches the hands-on experience and insight of ECC’s Design Services Team, with the ideas and input from your key stakeholders to create technology solutions tailored to your organization. It goes above and beyond a basic design bid, giving you 14 crucial benefits in an ECC Design Build:

»  Submittals

»  Structurally Stamped System Design

»  Complete Equipment List

»  Project Specific Scope of Work

»  Full Technology Drawing Set

»  Hands-On, Experienced Technology Advocate

»  Voice of Customer Recurring Meetings

»  Discovery/Assessment Process

»  One Accountable Partner

»  No Change Order Unless You Ask

»  Technology Vision Fruition

»  Technology Lifecycle & Support Planning

»  On-Site Commissioning


System designs that provide you with all the customized documentation you need:

»  Floorplans

»  Reflected Ceiling Plans

»  Elevation Sections

»  Schematic Flows

»  Wiring Details

»  Equipment Plan

»  Back Box & Rigging Details

“Complete Design offers value by being a partner with our client. It gives them a voice from the beginning of the process, combined with our expertise, to design the right technologies for their organization,” said Sandy Dinklage, Vice President of Professional Services at ECC. “With our ‘no change order unless you ask standard,’ we’re demonstrating this value daily by putting our money where our mouth is, which is unlike any other designer/integrator in our industry. Complete Design is a direct reflection of ECC’s strong commitment to our clients, as we remain keenly focused on their success.”


How it works

The Complete Design program is created to bring in the right technologies for an organization, while giving clients a voice about their technology solutions from the beginning of the design process. ECC will work with the client, and any related design professionals selected (architects, engineers, etc.), to provide initial and ongoing technology systems designed to support the client’s project goals. It’s a design process built to help:

»  Maximize your technology spend to get what you envision

»  Customize technology to your organization & building space

»  Minimize business interruptions & maximize your staff’s time

»  Deliver detailed technology documentation on your systems

»  Give insight into technology trends & how they affect your organization

»  Eliminate the guesswork when making technology decisions

»  Connect you to design experts with hands-on technology experience

»  Expand the life cycle of your technology systems

»  Plan and manage your budgets for technology systems and services

»  Create a technology road map for your organization


Custom technology design support

The Complete Design Services Team is also a resource for crucial aspects in the design process:

»  CAD File Creation

»  Consulting Service

»  Ensure support coverage that meets the individual needs of your organization

»  Drafting

»  Drawing Mark-Up & Placement

»  Create a technology road map for your organization

»  Special System Design Consultation

»  Written Bid Specifications


Ensure your technology vision comes to fruition

The Complete Design program was built to foster a truly open and cooperative design team approach with the ECC team members bringing unique and valuable insight from their special perspective to the team. It empowers organizations to give firsthand input throughout the design process to ensure your technology vision comes to fruition. Design your technology vision with Complete Design>>



About ECC

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