Lincoln, NE

UNL Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts


The Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts can be found on the outer edge of the University Nebraska-Lincoln campus in the same building as the old bookstore. This facility is used for teaching film, virtual production, experience design, AI, interactive media, dance studios, and so much more. The center opened its doors in the fall of 2019, and is on the cutting-edge of educational technology innovation.

The ECC Team collaborated with the University of Nebraska-Lincoln to implement state-of-the-art Audio Visual Systems at the Johnny Carson Center for Emerging Media Arts. The system spans 21 different rooms, as well as exhibition spaces. UNL wanted to outfit the old bookstore with advanced Audio Visual Systems that promote engaged learning and meet their high-tech needs. The university wanted the facility to have max system flexibility, the ability to transform areas into their own space, but also the ability to open areas up into larger spaces.

The Johnny Carson Center is equipped with 10 Mobile AV Learning Carts that are utilized in their main collaboration space. Each cart is outfitted with a Video Display, Sound Bar, and a Video Camera that can be tied to the input system. These carts have the ability to be freely moved around the building to where they’re needed, and they can be controlled from a touch panel anywhere in the building. The AV Learning Carts can also stream AV to any other place in the building, and they can receive AV input from any other area in the building. This entire collaboration space, among others, can harness unified communication technology to promote remote collaboration with other people. 

Video Wall

Two 16’ x 9’ Video Walls were implemented in their north and south exhibition areas to create the ultimate WOW factor. Both Video Walls also have the same advanced streaming capabilities, being able to send or receive AV input from anywhere inside the center. The facility boasts two dance studios equipped with state-of-the-art Sound Systems, and multiple Video Displays. These studios are powered by an intelligent, Integrated AV Core Processor. 

Each Conference Room features a wall-mounted Video Display paired with Apple TV, a Microsoft Wireless Presentation Integration, and In-Ceiling Microphones and Speakers. The Audio Systems implemented throughout the building are Dante-enabled, allowing for each speaker to be its own stand-alone source playing something different at the same time. 

The computer lab is ladened with high-end technology including IP-based, Dante-enabled loudspeakers throughout the room. With the lab being a wide space, Line Array Loudspeakers are utilized to effectively spread quality audio coverage. The AV Teacher Station consists of a Wireless Microphone System, an AV Control Touch Panel, and Video Encoders and Decoders for an impactful learning experience. 

Video Wall



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