Lincoln, NE

Assurity Life Insurance Company


ECC has served as Assurity Life’s technology systems integration partner since they first built their headquarters a decade ago, making upgrades as needed, and providing responsive support throughout the partnership. We helped them achieve easy to use, simple, one-button turnkey AV systems across their facility. These systems were designed in conjunction with their building design to be energy-efficient, green, LEED compliant, and energy conserving systems.

The AV Systems were integrated into Assurity’s existing Apple iPads to transform them into system control points for a simpler workflow. The boardroom is capable of Audio and Video Conferencing, and the system is integrated with their VoIP Phone System for seamless operations. The AV Systems in the huddle spaces throughout the facility boast a one-button system automation and lighting controls with programmed presets.

ECC used the Crestron Room Scheduling Platform, powered by Crestron Fusion, for meeting spaces throughout the facility. It’s integrated with Assurity Life’s Microsoft Outlook Platform, so a room can be booked via an Outlook Calendar Event automatically. The executive offices are integrated with switchable privacy glass, giving them the ability to flip a switch and turn normal glass windows into frosted glass with ease.

Boardroom AV System

Not only did ECC provide facility-wide AV Systems to help turn Assurity into a technology-connected campus, we also provided an Integrated Security System to secure it. We implemented Access Control Systems throughout the building and integrated it with our provided Video Management System for the upmost security. The Access Control System extends beyond standard door control, and it also controls garage doors, inside turn styles, elevators, and parking garage entry. The turn styles integration requires a key swipe entry to proceed past the front lobby. There’s also a spiral staircase that’s closed off after-hours, and ECC implemented a security camera that monitors the area and alerts the security guard if someone is walking up these stairs after-hours. These integrations allow the on-premise security guard to monitor all of these areas across their campus from a single post. 

ECC also implemented a Communication System that’s comprised of Sound Masking, Paging, and Background Music abilities. This system is powered by Digital Signal Processing Infrastructure and distributed through building-wide loudspeakers. The Sound Masking is custom programmed to fade out at night, so the night crew can feel safe being able to fully hear around them. In the morning, the Sound Masking System gradually reverts back to its normal sound levels. The entire facility is protected by a multiple cabinet, addressable Fire Alarm System that's tied into the parking garage for complete protection.

Boardroom AV System



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