Douglas County Justice Center


The Douglas County Justice Center located in Omaha, Nebraska features an eight-story, 147-000-square-foot tower that provides spaces for the Douglas County Juvenile Courts, Juvenile Court Administrator, Juvenile Court Clerk, County Attorney, Public Defender, and community juvenile program. In constructing the new tower, Douglas County envisioned the facility’s AV Systems to be advanced and packaged into an easy-to-use, seamless technology experience.

ECC implemented conference and training room Audio Visual Systems for 20 different spaces, separating them into five different system types to achieve the county’s technology vision. The systems were designed with intuitive user interfaces for simple operations, and comprised of collaborative Unified Communications Technology that streamlines judicial processes.

Conference Room AV
Conference Room AV AV Touch Panel

Each of the 20 rooms is fully equipped with Audio and Video Conferencing capabilities with every system being powered by a QSC Q-SYS Digital Signal Processor, and being managed on a Network Switch in every room. The Conferencing Audio is recorded through Beamforming Ceiling Array Microphones with video captured by 4K PTZ Cameras. The In-Ceiling Microphones allow for intelligible speech coverage no matter where the presenter’s location is within the room, without any additional Lapel or Handheld Microphone.

When users aren’t using the video portion of the Conferencing System, the camera goes into a home/rest position that’s pointed downward. Every room has customized AV Control through two QSC Touch Screen Panels with one mounted on the wall, and another mounted on top of the AV Credenza. Through Windows Adapter integrations, users can utilize Wireless Collaboration within each room’s AV System, allowing for seamless use of the microphones, cameras, and speakers right from their own Windows laptop.

The Digital Signal Processors are integrated into the facility’s VoIP Network, allowing every room to have a Phone System built into the AV System without any need for a physical phone. A dial pad is programmed into each room’s AV Control Touch Panel, and the In-Ceiling Loudspeakers ring when being called or have a dial tone when users go off the hook.

Beamforming Ceiling Microphone Huddle Room AV

The justice center features three room combiner AV Systems. One room is comprised of two Full HD WUXGA 3LCD Laser Video Projectors each displayed on 120” Electric Ceiling-Mounted Projection Screens at 7,000 lumens of brightness. These rooms are designed for emergency back-up power and control, where if one side of the room’s DSP and Touch Panel goes down, the other side of the room’s equipment can control the entire room automatically.

The facility’s AV Systems are backed by ECC's Complete Care Support program for proactive, responsive support that maximizes the technology’s capabilities. The innovative solutions give the justice center a seamless technology experience that empowers their organization and streamlines their processes.



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