IMPERIUM Correctional Control


Correctional Control — Simplified

ECC’s IMPERIUM™ gives you intelligent correctional control, right at your fingertips. It’s custom designed to your facility’s exact needs and integrates directly into your workflow. You can control your entire correctional facility right from a touch screen. It shows your entire floor plan, with the ability to easily change between floors. Integrate with your security cameras and intercom system to display the associated camera when an intercom button is pressed on the touch screen. Switch between compact and detailed graphic screens. Have a one-button emergency gang release and lockdown button. Control your correctional facility how you want.



Control & Automate Your Building's Utilities

Imperium's function buttons give you complete correctional control at the touch of a finger:

  • Locking & unlocking of doors
  • Lockdown ability
  • Intercom control
  • Paging control
  • Audio monitoring
  • Lighting control
  • Water control
  • Telephone control
  • Power outlet control

Correctional Control — Simplified

The Imperium Correctional Control System makes security easy:

  • Touch screens that show vital building activity
  • Retrofit without costly field device changes
  • Switch between compressed and detailed graphic screen
  • Display color coded text for each cell
  • Door status indicators show real-time door position activity
  • Door lock buttons control lock and unlock functions
  • One-button emergency gang release

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Rodney Herring, Sheriff, Grundy County Law Enforcement Center

Imperium Touch Screen Correctional Control


Control Your Facility How You Want

ECC’s Imperium Correctional Control System is custom-designed to your facility’s exact needs. Not every facility is made the same. Every organization has their own workflow and process. Our team will coordinate with you to ensure your correctional controls work how you need them to. Simplify your correctional security today.