Bowling Green, MO

Pike Sheriff's Office Murfreesboro, AR


The Pike County Detention Center is a 50-bed capacity detention facility located in Bowling Green, Missouri. Their facility was being protected by an outdated Jail Security System that was unreliable and lacked efficient functionality and coverage. The detention center was being controlled by an analog button-based Jail Control System and surveilled by an antiquated analog Security Camera System. The Pike County Sheriff’s Office needed an upgraded Jail Security System equipped with advanced technology that they could rely on to properly secure their facility. They wanted a security integrator that could provide a solution customized to their facility with maximized security coverage and backed by responsive service and support.

ECC collaborated with Pike County Sheriff’s Office to develop a new solution, starting first with an in-depth site evaluation to properly assess their facility’s needs and requirements to ensure their new system seamlessly blended into their operations workflow. Beyond implementing state-of-the-art, correctional-grade technology, Pike County wanted their Jail Control System integration to expand past door control to complete facility control.  

IMPERIUM Jail Control System
IMPERIUM Jail Control System Jail Security System

ECC implemented its IMPERIUM® Jail Control solution and custom programmed the system to allow Pike County to control their jail doors, duress buttons, lighting, dayroom televisions, intercom, and camera call-up. The Imperium system is controlled through two touch screen monitors set-up in the dispatch and control room, with an additional monitor in the sheriff’s office in the event of a lockdown, ensuring a backup control point.

ECC also implemented an IP-Based Intercom System that’s fully integrated into and operated through the Imperium Jail Control System. We replaced Pike County’s analog Video Surveillance System with a 1080p, IP Camera System managed on a single monitor. The Camera System has full 100% coverage of the entire jail, exercise yard, and parking lots with higher quality cameras and an intuitive VMS System.

ECC’s integrated IMPERIUM Jail Control System simplified Pike County’s day-to-day operations, allowing both the jail and dispatch to control their entire facility right from a touchscreen. At night, their dispatch takes over all of the detention center’s operations, and the Imperium System seamlessly automates the operational transition.

IMPERIUM Jail Control System Jail Intercom Station
Pike County, Missouri Sheriff

"The thing that impressed me the most was the amount of folks they brought onsite to get it done in a very timely manner. They came in and hit the ground running, they had enough folks and got it done. It was a very efficient process. [The new system] it's overall more reliable and [gives us] more confidence in our locking system. The improved camera system is a great improvement. The new recording and camera system is paying dividends already. ECC they came in and did a very efficient job of getting the [system] transfer over, especially with as old of a system as we already had."





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