Acoustical Treatment

Acoustical Treatment

Acoustical treatment on the floors, walls, or ceilings of your facility can have a dramatic positive impact on the performance of your sound system. Many rooms with hard surfaces (i.e. gymnasiums, church sanctuaries) can benefit from acoustical treatment. By reducing reflected audio energy and echoes, acoustical treatment can dramatically improve the intelligibility of your audio program. Your sporting events, live music performances, and speeches will sound better when the audience can understand what is being said.

Rooms without acoustical treatment may have an uneven frequency, creating a sound that may be great in one area but distorted in another. Acoustical treatment controls a room's sound and deliver an even frequency to every spot in the room.   

Allow Electronic Contracting Company to show you what products are available and how they can maximize the benefit of the sound system in your space.
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Electronic Contracting can provide your facility with high-quality, reliable audio/visual solutions that enhance your facility's operations. We continuously send our engineers, installers, and service technicians to product training classes offered by leading manufacturers to ensure that our clients get the best design, installation, service, integration, and technical support available for their audio/visual systems. We offer various solutions such as acoustical treatment, clock systems, control systems, digital signage, distance learning, intercom, lighting control, professional sound, public address/overhead paging, sound masking, sound reinforcement, theatrical lighting, video conferencing, video production, video streaming, video walls, and video projecti...

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