Mass Notification

Mass Notification

A mass notification system offers the ability to contact hundreds or thousands of people in a timely manner with time critical information. Emergency information may include weather notifications, terrorist threat information, or scheduling changes for the facility or campus operating the system. Information may be transmitted to people using a variety of mediums including telephones, intercom, outdoor public address, cell phones, text messaging, and digital signage. A mass notification system allows all of these disparate communications mediums to be utilized to communicate with people within your facility/campus and deliver time critical information in a cohesive and comprehensive manner. 

Send alerts to thousands of your people in seconds. Compose your message once then send it in multiple formats at the same time. Upload recorded voice messages or use the text to speech option. Directly integrate with your communication systems so messages automatically publish to all your owned channels of communication. Also integrate with other systems such as fire alarm, video surveillance, digital signage, loudspeakers, and public address so your facility offers the best safety measures possible.

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